Soccia, Corsica and Brigitte's cottage :
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Sagone's bay and beaches
Sagone's bay and beaches
Scandola natural reserve
Scandola natural reserve
Piana Calanches
Piana Calanches

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"Sinople à la mitre d’or entourée de deux tours génoises d’argent, posé sur un socle de mer d’azur et d’argent traversé par un bateau aux voiles argentées"

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The beaches and Mediterranean shores

Some 30 kilometres away from Soccia, on the Cargese and the Porto road, the small coastal town of Sagone will appeal to you for its beauty and its small size.
Its beach is large and gorgeous, its small coves are peaceful. You will fully use the sea bottoms amazing treasures and the pleasures of the sea for which Corsica is well known throughout the world.
Far away from the main tourist centres, close to the surprising richness of the corsican countryside, Sagone will move you deeply.

Cargese is a small village overlooking the coast in a natural and greatly disturbed serie of rocky outcrops and of beautiful white sand coves. Founded by the Greeks and ancient times, Cargese hinges out of time and lets you into a fantastic countryside of extraordinary beauty : the Piana Calanche. It will also let you discover the Scandola Natural Reserve.

The Piana Calanches
The Piana Calanches are part of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites' list. Walking through the area will enable you to discover an amazing system of intercrossing peaks, needles and outcrops made up of red granite moulded, transformed by natural erosion.

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